Yet Another Study Shows Air Pollution Bad For High BP

Another study showing the negative effects of air pollution on various aspects of the human body has been released. The current study states that exposure to air pollution, in the long run, can increase risks of metabolic syndrome and high BP.

Metabolic syndrome refers to a collection of adverse health events that can raise the chances of suffering from stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

During this study, data was gathered from residents of apartment buildings or private houses in the city of Kaunas. The data was further analyzed. This city’s population is over 280000, with the city having the tag of being the 2nd biggest Lithuanian city.

Connections between air pollution exposure in the long run and the distance they lived away from major roads or green spaces were compared with the chances of developing high BP and metabolic syndrome. Components like obesity, high sugar levels, decreasing amounts of HDL cholesterol (which is a good form of cholesterol) and triglyceride levels were tested for as well.

These investigators were able to find that adverse effects were observed only in the population that resided in their apartment buildings. The study could only find an association between these effects.

However, no concrete evidence was found that could pin down air pollution exposure as the cause of these disorders alone.

Agen Braziene was the lead author of this study. She works for the Cardiology Institute at LUHS and is a prominent researcher there. She stated that regulation must be done to the maximum concerning living spaces taken up by 1 person in a multifamily house.

Green spaces must be developed and promoted in multifamily based houses. Noise insulation abilities of these apartments should also be improved, stated Braziene. A combination of these measures to combat the rampant air pollution in our environment would go a long way in negating any adverse effects in our body.

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