Yet Another Employee Takes An Exit From Netflix

Day by day online video streaming market is becoming highly competitive. There are big players like Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now and many more. All these players are working hard to get maximum share of this market. Netflix ranks 7th largest revenue earner Internet Company in the world. Bob Greenblat, head of HBO criticized Netflix saying that it is not a brand. Bennett is expected to remain in the Netflix till new CMO assumes job.

There has been a trend of high profile employees leaving Netflix in the recent past. Kelly Bennett the chief marketing officer of Netflix has announced that he will soon be leaving the firm thereby adding to the long list of high profile executives that left it recently. Tenure of Kelly Bennett is considered successful at NetFlix. When he joined, the Company had a paid user base of 26 million. His efforts have made the Netflix to reach a paid user base of 139 million.

Last year Jonathan Friedland the firm’s head of communications left it in June after making some rough comments during a team meeting.

Soon after this CFO David Wells also left in August and was replaced by Spencer Neumann early this year. The role of chief marketing officer is very important for Netflix as the firm now has to compete against several other firms that are invading the streaming content market.

Its long list of competitors includes HBO, Hulu, Amazon and now Disney that are drawing viewers to their platforms and driving down subscription prices. In his parting statement Bennet stated that his last seven years with Netflix was the most rewarding in his career and since Netflix is at the top of its game he considered it the best time to retire. He had joined Netflix in 2012 and will continue to be a part of the company until a new CMO is found.

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