World’s First Floating Wind Farm Unveiled at the Off Coast Of Scotland

The first full-scale floating wind farm has been developed on the north-east coast of Scotland. The current technology will help use the bottom-standing turbines in the deep waters to generate the wind power on a large scale. The revolutionary technology is surely going to help maintain the power generation and utilization balance.

The farm has been named Peterhead wind farm and it is called the Hywind. This is a trial project thought to generate power for about 20,000 homes. The generated power as per the manufacturers Statoil will outdo the current power generation systems. The wind farm concept can be easily adopted by the West coast of the U.S. and Japan owing to the presence of deep water. The new idea is a cash in means through the booming technology.

The floating wind farm can bring down the cost of manufacturing and take a whole new U-turn in the renewable energy source. The use of the open sea conditions for this technology development is highly feasible as well as profitable. For now, in Peterhead Aberdeenshire, only one giant turbine is floating upright and the remaining turbines are set to follow by the end of the month. The production cost of the turbines is too high but will reduce as time passes by. The floating wind farm is like a “dream come true” kind of project.

The giant turbines have been designed that they weigh about 11,500 Tonnes and stretch up to 175 Meters. The 75-Meter blades have a nacelle such big that it can hold two buses. The turbines can operate in a kilometer deep water owing to its designing. The twisting of the blades depending on the wind, currents, and waves is amazing. In case of damage or maintenance checking, the remote-controlled submarines or special secured tug boats were used. The turbine stands straight in the deep waters owing to the iron ore present at the base.

The far away wind turbines are a very good step the nations have been waiting for in order to avoid the climate change and seabird nesting sites but that is not the case. The chances of the corpses building up increases instead due to the floating wind farm. The living organisms in the sea may also be at high risk.

However, the floating wind turbine concept creates a new frontier for the energy generation. The urgency in the need for an immediate technology to curb the energy crisis and emission issues has scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sending a warning notice to the government.

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