Women Between 35And 54 Age Are At A High Risk Of Heart Attacks

We all know, as death ratio is increasing rapidly due to heart disease, recently, those improvements were plateaued and now at least researchers know the reason behind this. According to the researchers, in younger people, heart attack is currently at rise, specially women. Among years 1995–1999, people who were hospitalized for heart attack was 27%, as per a new investigation. Rendering to a research printed in Circulation recently, among the years 2010–2014 that was increased to 32%, the greatest increase of heart attack was shown in women mostly, increasing from 21% to 31%.

Heart attacks also increased in younger men, through the same period, but not too much as compare to women. Among the age group 35–54, the percentage ratio was rose from 30% to 33%. However, in young men, the percentage of heart attack happening rose during the last twenty years as per the research. The % of men coming in this age group of having the risk of heart attack actually decreased. The researchers reported that, a comparable decline was not seen in case of young women.

Melissa Caughey, the co-author of the study said that, between younger patients the larger percentage of heart attacks is frightening. And as the population is aging, that is true in light of the fact. Caughey also added that, heart failure and other heart issues further in life can be led by the damage continued in heart attack. According to some experts, one of the modifiable risk factors might be the amount of time spent just by sitting by women. As per a study printed in the same issue, fewer hours spent sitting by women had a lesser heart disease risk. So instead too much of stressing, if women habituate a walking program and add a lot of a Mediterranean diet, it will be helpful for them. As with time a big effect is created by these little things.

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