WhatsApp Payments Receives Request Money Option On Android

WhatsApp Payments has obtained a new facility for the Android beta users. Now, one can also request cash from contacts in addition to sending cash. Earlier, only making payments was allowed through the platform. For the moment, the request money feature seems to be restricted to payments started by QR code and UPI ID and does not function if you choose the contact directly.

WhatsApp Payments Receives Request Money Option On Android

The modification is among numerous ones launched in recent days, comprising the facility to re-download erased content and the new vCard indexing feature. The latest request money facility was speckled in Android v2.18.113 of WhatsApp beta and is supposedly accessible only for a restricted digit of users.

In order to use this facility on Android v2.18.113 of WhatsApp beta, head to Settings > Payments > New Payments and later, select either Scan QR code or UPI ID. Once you scan the QR code or authenticate the UPI, and choose a receiver, a pop-up will be displayed that offers you 2 alternatives: Request Money and Pay Money (which will be dubbed Send Money rather if you scan a QR code).

Earlier, the users were presented only with the Send or Pay Money choices. The requests are applicable for 24 Hours, following which they will end. The new development was first reported by Telecom Talk. Fascinatingly, it was discovered in a testing that irrespective of whether the receiver of the money request has enabled the WhatsApp Payments, they will get the request as an SMS format from another UPI payment application. This can be done from their bank, or application such as PhonePe. Further, this seems to rely on what UPI payment mode is utilized by the user.

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