Weather Channel App Employs Watson To Inform You When Flu Season Arrives

Are you the kind who gets wary around other individuals when season of flu starts? You now have one more tool in your weapon store. The newest edition of the Weather Channel app for iOS and Android now comprises a Flu Insights function that employs IBM’s Watson to alert you when influenza is expected to be on the way. The association wields ML to offer a 15-day flu prediction as well alerts that pop up at major moments, such as the beginning of flu season or verified outbreaks. Preferably, this will assist you from arriving at a house party full of shortly-to-be-ill virus haulers.

Whatever the circumstances are like, you will get CDC flu reports as well as prevention recommendation.

It is simple to see Flu Insights powering some paranoia. Do you actually need to be afraid of going outside just because Watson forecasted trouble? Employed carefully, this can assist you dodge entirely the flu, or at least put it off when you cannot afford to get sick. It is a real-world employment of AI that may really enhance your life quality.

On a related note, city attorney of Los Angeles earlier filed a case in opposition to the firm behind The Weather Channel app, stating the app did not adequately reveal to consumers how their location data might be employed. The case calls practices of The Weather Company “deceptive and fraudulent” and claims that they breach Unfair Competition Law of California. “For years, TWC has dishonestly employed its Weather Channel app to gather its consumers’ personal, private geolocation info—tracking small details about its consumers’ locations all over the night and day, all while resulting consumers in believing that their info will only be employed to offer them with tailored local weather info, forecasts, and alerts,” claims the suit.

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