Venting Work-Related Anger On Social Media Can Damage Your Career

How frequently have you been furious with your boss? And how frequently have you hauled your confidante or friend at work to throw out the fury out to him/her?

Now substitute this friend with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Does the view of a rash outburst about the firm you work for seem as tempting as speaking to a colleague or a friend who is your sounding board?

The answer is no!!! On the other hand, there have been rising cases of workers getting into big problem on social media over their work-related rants. Howsoever deadly you may recognize your organization to be, a public rage will never assist.

Social media has the muscle to reach millions of people instantaneously, and can play an important role in your profession as your private brand builder. Remember of all those influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter. They are specialists and domain experts in their respective segments, and have made their private brand carefully, post by post and tweet by tweet. That said, there is no rejecting the requirement to address and vent the problem when you encounter bullying and humiliation at work.

Bullies do awful injury to organizations and people alike. Imagine that you are being continuously informed that you are not good enough. In addition to this, you are tortured for one thing or the other in meeting after meeting. All these damage the self-respect of the individual at the other end. And that is merely the tip of the iceberg. Bullying takes many shapes and forms.

How does one cope with a torment, particularly when in some cases it will be the individual that you report to? Asking a workplace mentor or a superior to interfere might be an alternative. Documenting the cases of being bullied and presenting as a proof to the super boss at a valid time might be the right choice to do. Bullying has profound psychological consequences.

While you do have number of unresolved problems with the organization, show your disappointment at selecting an unsuitable platform. Every worker has encountered workplace issues that frequently stay unsettled. People will recognize with the feeble moment that you establish yourself in. Be the bigger individual and apologize unreservedly if your post injured someone. An exit from the present job should always be elegant. Last, but not the least, move forward and begin to reconstruct your career as long as you can.

About: Ankit Kadam

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