Users Can Use Apple Pay For App Store, iTunes, And Apple Music

Apple has included Apple Pay as a payment option for a series of buyouts, comprising the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, Apple Music, or to purchase iCloud storage. The modifications are mirrored in an upgraded support paper seen by media.

The new transaction method is rolling out right on time before the Apple Card, which is projected to come this summer. Consumers can get 2% cash back on buyouts made using Apple Pay, and 3% cash back for Apple goods, which comprises the digital services cited above. Apple Pay also has a handful of more advantages, such as the capability of adding multiple debit and credit cards, and a simpler method for consumers to regulate their iCloud storage and Apple Music subscriptions from the Wallet app.

The function is launching out now for consumers in Canada, the US, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking of Apple, after a 2-week test, a jury has decided that Apple breached 3 patents from Qualcomm in some iPhones. The jury gave Qualcomm $31 Million, the complete amount it was looking for, although Apple had won a verdict to restrict the possible payout.

Qualcomm filed a court case over the problem in 2017. The patents associate to letting phones to swiftly link to the web after they are turned on; graphics processing and battery efficiency; and a traffic management feature that lets applications to download data quicker.

As per media reports, Apple disputed that an engineer named Arjuna Siva made significant additions to the boot-up tech while operating for the firm and must have been named on that patent. On the other hand, Siva (now a Google worker) eventually selected not to testify at the San Diego case, and the jury struck down the argument by Apple.

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