The UK’s NIHR Global Health Grants £7million To Madras Diabetes Research Foundation

MDRF (Madras Diabetes Research Foundation) based in Madras has been granted confer of £7 Million by the UK’s National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Global Health program to build up a clinical alliance with University of Dundee, Scotland.

With the assistance of this grant, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and the University of Dundee will carry out joint research in India and Scotland to decide the normal and particular issues identified and linked with diabetes, by gathering information of 650,000 diabetic patients.

The venture orders access to two of the most progressive diabetes administration system around the globe: Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Centers (DMDSC) and Scottish Clinical Care Information – Diabetes Care (SCI-DC). The SCI-DC gives a modern shared electronic patient record for each person with Type 2 diabetes in Scotland.

The project will likewise take a gander at better approaches for diabetes screening, utilizing cell phone innovation and retinal outputs, which will give beneficial bits of knowledge as if how care givers can offer more affordable, practical diagnostic conclusion and treatment of diabetes, which is a noteworthy issue in India and around the globe. Over the span of the project, Dr. Mohan’s group will likewise look at the potential for providing cutting-edge telemedicine for diabetes screening in rural areas and destitute urban localities of Chennai.

Diabetes is a noteworthy issue in India with 1 of every 12 individuals influenced, adding up to 69 Million people presently, which if compared to the UK’s population is far high, as affirmed by the Professor of Pharmacogenomics at the University of Dundee and lead the new research unit, Colin Palmer.

He stated that with expanding monetary advancement and way of life changes, those figures are also quickly escalating. However, present studies on how diabetes grows, how patients react to medicines, and the reasons for restorative complexities emerge from the studies of European ancestry populations. Despite the fact, the way diabetes is seen in the European region is completely dissimilar to South Asia region.

As per Dr. Mohan, the research project is the largest and most motivated one, the MDRF has done since last 30 years. To accomplish the project, it will take more 3–4 years. The team size is around 50 employees in India and many others work at the University of Dundee. They have also planned to onboard some professionals who are into bioinformatics, mathematics, and 10–15 Ph.D. students through all over India Interviews for Dundee. The appointed candidates will be trained at MDRF about the basics of diabetes before moving forward on the project.

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