Uber Integration Removed By Google Maps

Uber and Google, back in January 2017, had joined forces to place a cool facility in the Google Maps: one could look for, reserve, and shell out for an Uber all from the Google Maps directly. One didn’t even require installing the Uber app. Now, after 18 Months, the feature is gone. A new support page is been posted by Google (primarily reported by Android Police) that plainly mentions, “Uber rides now cannot be booked in Google Maps directly.”

Uber Integration Removed By Google Maps

The feature enabled one to locate a place in Google Maps and request for directions similar to usual, but rather than selecting driving, walking, mass transit, or biking directions, a section for ride-sharing would let them directly book a cab. The ride-sharing tab is still present, but in place of booking an Uber, it merely presents you an estimate and suggests kicking you to the Uber application.

In spite of the ride-sharing tab backing 17 diverse services, it was only Uber that enabled the uses to compensate for a ride and finish their rise all within Google Maps. However, it is not recognized why Uber and Google have decided to terminate the initiative.

Perhaps, enough public wasn’t using the feature, possibly Uber concluded it would rather have public utilize its own application, or perhaps the turbulent association between Google and Uber has manifested itself. Anyway, now if one has to book a ride while seeing the Google Maps, they will need to launch a second application.

On the other end, Uber is testing a service that would enable users to wait longer for a ride in replace of a discount. At present, the choice is available in Los Angeles and San Francisco. A spokesperson stated that the firm is experimenting with means to slash prices for riders. However, it is unclear whether the feature will be introduced across the country or not.

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