Two iPhones With 5G Support To Come Out Of Apple Basket In 2020, Says Top Analyst

Tech analyst Ming Chi Kuo of TF International Securities told early this week that Apple’s 5G iPhone models will launch next year and will be using modems manufactured by Qualcomm.  Apple is likely to launch three new iPhone models in 2020 in sizes of 6.7, 6.1 and 5.4 inch screen sizes and all three models have OLED screens that are more colorful when compared to LCD panels. The iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS phones that were released during September last year also have OLED screens while iPhone XR has LCD panel which makes it more affordable than the previous models.

The soon to be launched 6.1 inch iPhone model will not support 5G spectrum while the other two will so it is likely that Apple will offer a cheaper model phone next year. Kuo clarified that both the two iPhones that are scheduled to be launched in 2020 will use Qualcomm’s 5G modem after both firms settled their long drawn lawsuit in April this year. Kuo’s note stated that Apple is also building its own 5G chip which will be ready for future iPhones that will be launched in 2022–2023.

This implies that its iPhones that are likely to be released during September this year will not support 5G networks. Its closest competitor Samsung is already selling a 5G phone Galaxy S10 5G in USA through Verizon and AT&T and the product will also be ready through Sprint and T-Mobile. 5G network provides faster data speeds and will be used in all types of devices including cameras and self-driving cars. Apple is ramping up its research on 5G technology since US imposed the ban on Huawei and expects those phones to contribute to 60 percent of sales in future. Since Huawei purchases $11 billion worth of components from chipmakers like Intel and Qualcomm, both are lobbying the US govt. to ease down on the ban.

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