Twitter Removes Millions of Followers from Its Famous Users
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Twitter Removes Millions of Followers from Its Famous Users

Twitter on Thursday started its new attempt to make the platform free from the fake or frozen accounts. This purging trapped the most noticeable toll on the most prominent users of the platform.

Twitter Removes Millions of Followers from Its Famous Users

President Trump, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and former President Barack Obama witnessed an abrupt stab on the counts of their follower. Reportedly, many celebrities lost the huge number of followers in just a few minutes.

Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account faced a loss of about 300,000 followers by 5 PM. This brought his total number of followers down to a still impressive 53.1 Million. In the meantime, Mr. Obama also lost about 2 Million, which left him with 101 Million overall. Dorsey also tweeted that about 200,000 of his own followers were found to be lost.

Twitter earlier this week had announced that it will be purging disbelieving, locked, and nonfunctional followers for millions of its users. In May and June 2018, the company removed more than 70 Million fake and doubtful accounts.

Vijaya Gadde, General Counsel, Twitter, stated in a blog post that the recent move is part of the efforts of the company to gain trust and promote for the healthy conversation. The company has taken this move as it was facing the global criticism for its huge number of fake and spam accounts.

On a related note, TechCrunch proclaimed that Twitter will be permitting advertisers to take over the tab and starting to check the Promoted Trend Spotlight ads. These powerful latest advertising units downgrade the natural content in Explore. This might result in reducing the usefulness of the platform to offer a grip on the latest news in the world at a glimpse. However, these ads might offer Twitter huge revenue by being much more noticeable than the conventional Timeline ads that are often skipped by people.