Trelleborg Brings In EV-Compliant Seals That Helps Boost EV Extra Range

It would be news of cherishment for electric vehicle manufacturers and owners of electric vehicles; Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has introduced HiSpinHS40 and HiSpin PDR RT, two seals specially developed for applications with electric mobility. They are designed to work at high speeds and should take an important step in solving the problems associated with high-speed sealing, limiting the ability of electric cars to reach the ultimate goal of the same distance as of electric vehicle.

The quest for a large-scale electric car is increasing as manufacturers attempt to reduce CO2 emissions and maintain access to vehicles in some of the world’s most populated cities. According to an International Energy Agency (IEA) report, there would be 3.1 million electric vehicles on the road in 2017. This figure is expected to increase exponentially to at least 125 million and possibly 220 million by 2030.

However, it depends on the existence of a viable technology to travel from an equivalent gas tank load, giving drivers the autonomy they are accustomed compared to the traditional fuel-powered vehicles. According to Trelleborg, these two new connections represent an important step towards achieving this goal.

“When people drive an EV, they worry that they do not have enough money to go to their chosen destination. The lack of charging points and the time it takes to charge a battery makes them nervous. The solution is to install charging infrastructure and increase the battery’s ability to extend the distance that can be covered with a single charge.

An important technology in electric vehicles is the E-axis, an electric motor combined with a gearbox that integrates with the traditional engine room. The gearbox and engine are coupled directly, but if the gearbox necessitates efficient lubrication, it is vital that the engine remains dry. A highly reliable seal is required between these two components.

About: Akash Gokhe