The Social Giant “Twitter” Is Plugging-Out A Lot Of TV Applications

On May 24, Twitter is going to close down its TV apps on Xbox, Android TV, and Roku. The news of closing the apps hits the industry at a time when the Social networking giant (Twitter) is making efforts to direct the users to first-party mobile applications as well as to the desktop website.

The Social Giant “Twitter” Is Plugging-Out A Lot Of TV Applications

Twitter is eliminating the apps which are utilized by a very small section of users like Twitter for Mac App, and recently, the social giant tried to plug-out 3rd party Mac applications which have non-optimized API upgrades.

The agenda behind eliminating on these apps is not yet clear. It believes that these apps are a liability for the firm to offer support to this kind of huge ecosystem of applications, where some apps only have the niche user base.

Killing the TV application is an abrupt shift in the business strategy of Twitter. In the previous years, the social networking platform had been gradually increasing its live video streaming, and TV apps are playing a crucial part to put these video in front of the TV audience.

The Roku app of Twitter is one of the recent TV apps launched by Twitter only a year ago, after the launch of Xbox one apps, Fire TV and Apple TV in September 2016. At the time of launching the app, the company mentioned, “The application is acting as a medium for viewers to see live streaming and watch the conversation of other individuals, as well as allows them to access updates about what is happening in the world and industry.

There is a huge possibility that TV apps’ of Twitter are not likely having much traction as expected. And on television, it has competitors like Hulu and Netflix. We’ve heard that these app shutdowns are not related to the upgrade in the API of Twitter.

Working towards becoming GDPR compliance, has made Twitter to make the decision of killing these apps.

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