Synology Launches 2 Backup Applications For Businesses

Synology, the Taiwanese corporation, has declared the inclusion of 2 new backup applications in its Active Backup portfolio. The applications are Active Backup for Business and Active Backup for Office 365. Active Backup for Business offers data accessibility for workloads in virtual and physical environments. On the other hand, Active Backup for Office 365 supports SaaS cloud backup.

Synology Launches 2 Backup Applications For Businesses

“Increasing number of organizations and companies are working all over virtual, physical, and cloud platforms. This phenomenon offers a huge challenge to IT departments for guaranteeing the security of the increasing information in this cross-platform atmosphere,” claimed director at Synology Inc for application group, Jia-Yu Liu, to the media in an interview. “To deal with this issue, Synology offers an all-in-one and new solution that intimately incorporates hardware and software for businesses of unreliable scale.”

As per the firm, Active Backup for Office 365 uses sole instancing tech to not only assist companies with the availability and management of Office 365 data but to also considerably reduce the space used by backups. The function for content search is specifically designed towards mixing through content attachments and in mail, allowing consumers to find the mail in the shortest possible time in need of recovery. So, some main functions of Active Backup for Office 365 according to Synology are granular restoration, support for various endpoints in Office 365, storage & backup efficiency, export & search from the self-service portal,  block-level duplication, and single instancing among others.

On the other hand, Active Backup for Business incorporates various techs accepted by DSM (DiskStation Manager). For Btrf file system, the firm has designed the Global Deduplication algorithm to greatly lower the needed storage for backup. The firm claims that incorporation with Virtual Machine Manager permits NAS backups of virtual machines or physical servers to directly operate on DSM, increasing the accessibility of applications and data.

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