Symantec Alerts Of AI-Supported Cyber Crimes

Symantec, the Security software specialist, anticipates artificial intelligence-supported cyber assaults to pose an explosion of personal data thefts, network penetrations, and an epidemic-stage distribution of clever computer viruses in the upcoming years. This will lead to a full-fledged arms race between cyber security and cyber criminals.

Symantec Alerts Of AI-Supported Cyber Crimes

“We believe hackers are using automation in designing their assaults for a long time,” claimed senior director at Symantec research labs, Brian Witten, to the media in an interview. “In that logic, it is only a fraction of time they began using AI (artificial intelligence) a lot more forcefully. It will be our AI against their AI and whoever develops the smartest AI will conclude being successful in the arms race.”

Most of the cyber security companies are leveraging recent improvements in AI and ML (machine learning) to defend data and systems of their clients as assaults get more sophisticated and complex causing unparalleled levels of disturbance. “It is significant to recognize that a lot of firms in the security sector have began using AI to make separate goods more effectual and for not only detecting spam, malware, and phishing but also safety processes,” claimed Witten. “Cyber attackers are turning to be smarter and they are depending on AI to stage assaults.”

Number of malware versions increased from 275 Million in 2015 to 357 Million in 2016. Rate of email malware also increased to 1 in 131 from 1 in 244 during the similar time frame, as per a report by Symantec this year in April. Ransomware recognitions crossed 463,841in 2016.

“One of the things boosting them to apply ML and AI to safety processes is that there are not many security specialists for hiring in the world. AI increases the efficiency of human safety experts 2x. It is astonishing. Humans with the assistance of AI are capable of detecting all types of assaults that human alone might not perceive,” claimed Witten. He thinks that AI must manage tons of data, allowing humans aim on tactics. As long as there is a lack of human skill set, the sector must depend on techs such as ML and AI.

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