Symantec And Airtel Join Hands on Cyber-Security Solutions For Businesses

Bharti Airtel, the largest telecom operator in India, has declared about its affiliation with Symantec to offer cyber-security solutions to industries in India. The tactical alliance comes along with a rise in cyberattacks over the last few months, comprising incidents such as WannaCry and Petya that disrupted systems around the globe.

Few of the largest firms, including the largest oil company in Russia, Rosneft—International airport of Ukraine—advertising giant WPP, and shipping firm AP Moller-Maersk had come underneath the cyber-attack this year in June. Corporations, small and big, are now prioritizing IT security-linked spending in a bid to strengthen their operations in the existing threat scenery. The avoidance of online threats has become even more crucial given the implementation of digital payments and the rising digitization in India.

Greg Clark, CEO of Symantec—specifying to “boldness & audacity” of cyber-criminals to release such attacks—said, “We are witnessing unparalleled levels of cyber attacks & cyber crime at present.” Through the association, the 2 firms will focus on the IT security needs of huge enterprises, medium & small commerce, as well as the government. He further said, “We sense this is a mounting surge. It will have decades of continuous recurring incomes. Cyber-crime is a new playhouse of warfare, of crime that will exist with us for centuries. We believe the association is well positioned to help from that increasing tide.”

As per the concord, Airtel will be the elite cyber-security services associate for Symantec in India and dole out the enterprise security software of the latter. CEO and MD (South Asia & India) of Bharti Airtel, Gopal Vittal, said though the service provider had been, up to now, a consumer of Symantec, the grouping now floors the path for 2 to take the security solutions to the marketplace.

Symantec was successful in blocking over a billion WannaCry and Petya infection tries since the introduction of the 2 malware platforms and they are an exemplar of the risks, “mission critical & financial,” which organizations are facing, according to Clark. The companies, in a joint statement, said as the Indian companies hold cloud applications and framework, they need security technologies developed for the new cloud-based setting.

They further mentioned that the affiliation powers business-to-business reach of Airtel and Integrated Cyber Defense Platform of Symantec. Around 2.5 Lakh tech start-ups & corporate and 2000 large enterprise accounts are provided service by Airtel Business with its integrated telecom solutions and also address needs of the state and central government departments.

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