Successor Of Apple iPhone X Might Go On Sale Without Any Holdups

Seems like Apple is taking too much efforts to convey its new models of iPhone to the market in time. In 2017, the company conveyed its iPhone X a little behind the time line in the market, leaving many enthusiasts hanging out for weeks. As claimed by Digitimes, this time Apple is anticipated to start with trial manufacturing of the 2018 series of iPhone by quarter at the earliest.

Successor Of Apple iPhone X Might Go On Sale Without Any Holdups

The report, mentioning sources from Taiwan-located IC design homes, claims that Apple is speeding up as it does not need to repeat the history caused by the original low yield costs on manufacture of 3D sensor modules for those handsets rolled out in 2017.

The component providers of 2018 iPhone model are claimed to likely witness an expansion in orders by quarter two in 2018 if Apple aims to deliver the smartphones in early quarter three itself. The report re-verifies earlier claims that there will be 3 handsets rolled out this year too.

Apple is claimed to be operating on a 6.1-inch handset. The handset is stated to arrive with TrueDepth sensors and full-screen display. It will have support for Animojies as well as3D sensing technology of iPhone X. The supposed iPhone is claimed to be supported with single battery cell capable of almost 2,850–2,950 mAh. The study also recommends rectangular shape for the handset.

It is also rumored about extra RAM for the supposed 2nd generation iPhone X Plus and iPhone X handset. According to Digitimes, both the smartphones will come with 4 GB of RAM. iPhone X Plus is also claimed to feature more capacity of battery in the range of 3,300 mAh to 3,400 mAh. Digitimes recommends that the handsets will have 2 battery cells, elevating the capacity by 25%. The battery is claimed to be analogous to L-shaped battery of iPhone X.

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