Startups Wake Up to New Opportunities

Association at Kochi Infopark with recognized startup founders unlocked new opportunities at the startup meet organized here for young business devotees last week. The meeting was planned as a fraction of the 10,000 startups proposal of Nasscom. As per the Manager of Nasscom’s Startup Warehouse in Kochi, Arun Nair, the event was planned at enhancing networking amid startup enthusiasts apart from rolling out established technologies to them.

The CEO and Founder of Keyvalue systems, Sharbel Cherian, claimed that they re-branded themselves prior to taking a sip of success. “Keyvalue mutually designs products for other firms. The products in most circumstances might be possessed by other firms. We are presently doing the whole development of products for 2 firms. They have a lot of users and are in profit,” claimed Cherian to the media in an interview. Keyvalue is now aiming to design their own product.

The co-founder of NavAlt, Sandith Thandassery, claimed that his plan is to popularize renewable power in the transport industry. NavAlt was the company that launched first solar boat of India. Sharing his thoughts to the media, Sandith claimed that talent is the solution to success in the startup industry.

“We had concluded interviews for employing to our firm. One of the candidates sent an email to us with right solutions to the questions that we had given him. After researching, he had discovered solution to questions he had got wrong. And now, he is the Head of Projects for our firm. The craving to learn is one of the important features that chooses success,” claimed Sandith to the media.

The Chief Technology Officer of Booknmeet, Prasanthi Nathan, claimed that they are in the business of linking patients with several medical practitioners. “There are doctors registered to us and patients seeking for doctors can make a prior arrangement via our website,” claimed Prasanthi to the media in an interview.

Startups have various facilities at their doorsteps that can assist lower price of operation, but only few are known to this. Digital Ocean’s Prabhakar Jayakumar claimed that startups can benefit credit for cloud space if they are linked with an incubator or an accelerator. A young capitalist and Gooseberry Media’s CEO, Raphy Varghese, claimed to the media that that he was present at the event for networking and wanted to seek guidance from seniors in the industry. “I am into creating promo videos and web designing. Meeting successful personalities having knowledge in the sector gives boost to young capitalists,” claimed Raphy.

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