Stadia Games To Stay Playable Even If Publishers End Support On The Platform

Google has upgraded the FAQ page for its forthcoming cloud gaming service Stadia and it comprises one notable delicacy of new data. The firm claims that, in the rare case a game developer pulls support of Stadia for a game, Stadia will carry on to make the game accessible to those who have brought the license to use it, as per media.

“Once you buy the game, you get the permit to stream it. In the future, it is likely that some games might no longer be accessible for new buyouts, but current users will still be capable of playing the game,” the FAQ page of Stadia states. “Outside of unforeseen cases, Stadia will plan to keep any earlier purchased game accessible for streaming.”

It seems like a rather precise scenario, but it is surely not a farfetched one. Stadia is an unverified distribution model with unconfirmed economics. It is not yet certain how smart it is for developers to put titles onto Stadia, as compared to making those titles accessible via any one of the various subscription download models now emerging or just sticking with normal physical sales of digital downloads and discs.

There can be a case in which a developer makes a decision to test Stadia and later on makes decision that cloud gaming is not something it is interested in looking forward. Or, in the more expected event, a competing cloud gaming supplier, such as Microsoft, can outbid Google for playing exclusivity on a game that eventually ends up obliging it off Stadia post its launch.

On a related note, earlier Google revealed availability and pricing for Stadia. It declared the Stadia Pro and Founder’s Edition packages, as well as aimed for November launch date. Later, general manager and vice president of Google, Phil Harrison, appeared to offer few more details.

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