Sony Announces Its Upcoming Launch Of Mirrorless Cameras

Sony has proclaimed 2 new APS-C mirrorless cameras: the flagship A6600 and therefore the lower-tier A6100. The A6600 has many high-end options that position it in between the successor to the A6500, that was introduced in Oct 2016.

Like the A6500, the new A6600 options include a 5-axis in-body image stabilization, a 24.2-megapixel APS-C Exmor CMOS image device, and super quick optical device (AF), which may realize the topic in 0.02 seconds. It conjointly has period AF pursuit and therefore the new period Eye AF pursuit that originally debuted within the A6400, that we have a tendency to review it earlier this year. Sony has accessorial a 3.5mm electro-acoustic transducer jack, that may be initial for the company’s alpha series of cameras. The A6600 claims to own the longest battery life of any APS-C mirrorless camera, that Sony says because of its Z battery pack, and it ought to last doubly as long because the A6500. All in all, that ought to extend quantity to about 720 shots before required to be swapped out.

Sony conjointly says that its new BIONZ X image process system, borrowed from its A9 and A7-series cameras, gives a 1.8x gain in processing speeds over the A6500. Sony’s different new model, the A6100 — like most of its different APS-C cameras, depends on in-lens stabilization and doesn’t supply the BIONZ X image process. However, it will supply constant quick AF and period Eye AF pursuit technical school with still shots that the A6600 offers (although not for moving picture recording) in conjunction with the 24.2MP sensor.

Both of those cameras are going to be discharged later this year. The A6100 can be launched in October, and it’ll value $750 in the United States. Sony is also bringing a package that has its 16-50mm E-mount lens for $1,100.

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