Samsung To Close Bixby Feature That Bribed Users To Employ It

Bixby assistant by Samsung had a hard time lately. Not only did no one wish to employ the assistant, but the firm even noticed that it had to bribe consumers to do so. The firm this week declared that it is shutting down those efforts. The feature awarded consumers for learning how to use Bixby and playing with it.

They got Samsung Pay points and new options for background color, The pints can be cashed in for deals or toward competition entries to win products from the company. The background colors will still be obtainable to employ and may be made accessible to everybody. It is not clear from Samsung though.

It used to be super simple to get these points, like you would get them just from giving Bixby some commands. But it was later made somewhat more complex, which probably indicates Samsung became aware that most of the users were conducting out these easy errands and in return garbing gift cards.

On a related note, Samsung earlier declared that it is updating its digital assistant, Bixby, and making it accessible for a variety of linked gadgets, setting up a conflict with Alexa of Amazon and others battling for dominance in artificial intelligence. The electronics major of South Korea, which is the biggest handset maker in the world, rolled out Bixby but only for its personal flagship Galaxy smartphones. The new Bixby will be available to developers in a decision to put the artificial intelligence assistant on amore gadgets, the firm claimed.

“The new Bixby will be omnipresent, accessible on all and any devices,” claimed executive vice president of Samsung, Eui-Suk Chung, to the media in an event. The decision puts Bixby and Samsung squarely in rivalry with Alexa, the artificial intelligence fueling Amazon speakers and 3rd-party gadgets comprising cars and appliances. Also opposing in the segment are Microsoft and Google, which have their personal digital assistants that can be utilized for connected vehicles and smart homes.

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