Riders’ Post-Trip Tracking to Be Ended As a Part Of Privacy Push By Uber

The extremely criticized feature will be pulled off by Uber from its app that enables it to trace user for about 5 Minutes after a ride. This step has come in line as the ride-hailing firm is trying to fix its substandard reputation for consumer privacy. The alteration, which reinstates the ability of users to share location details only when using the application, is anticipated to be declared soon..

The location-tracking revision is not linked with executive variations, said the Chief Security Officer of Uber, Joe Sullivan. In November last year, an update was rolled out to the app removed the choice for users to restrict information collection only when using the app, rather forced them to opt between allowing Uber gather location data always or never gather it.

Uber said it required consent to always collect information so as to track riders for 5 Minutes after a rise was finished, which the firm considered can aid in ensuring the physical safety of customers. The choice to never track needed riders to enter their drop-off and pickup addresses manually.

However, the alterations witnessed rapid criticism by few privacy advocates and the user who referred it as a violation of user trust by a firm, which was already under fire for the way it gathers and utilizes the data of customers. Uber said, it never really started post-trip following for iPhone users and perched it for Android users.

Sullivan said the company made an error by asking for additional data from users without clearing what value it would present in return. If the company chooses that tracking the location of rider for 5 Minutes is helpful in the future, it would aspire to clarify what the value is and permit users to decide on it, he said.

Sullivan said the company was dedicated to privacy but had earlier experienced “lack of proficiency” in the field. The move comes 2 Weeks after the company established a US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) criticism that Uber failed to guard the private data of passengers & drivers and was deceptive about its attempts to stop prying by its employees.

The company has settled to carry out an audit every 2 Years for coming 20 Years to assure conformity with FTC requisites. Sullivan said that the location-tracking moves, at first, will be available only to iPhone users, but it proposes to bring it to Android devices as well.

He also said that the variations are part of a string of updates projected in the coming year to enhance security, transparency, and privacy at Uber.

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