Research Identifies Link Between Estrogen And Diabetes

According to a new research, estrogen leads to improvement in the sensitivity of insulin. This finding has influenced the associated studies related to high blood sugar, excessive weight gain and potential diet related interventions. Almost 84 million Americans are known to have pre-diabetes. This is the condition under which the blood sugar level is high but not enough to diagnose as type 2 diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is generally caused to people who have issues with glucose absorption. Under this health issue, the cells do not have respond well to the insulin and thus do not have the power to absorb the required amount of glucose from the blood.

Estrogen has been found to have the ability to increase the power of cells to respond well to insulin. Thus estrogen is known to have positive effect in reducing the type 2 diabetes.

Almost 100 million in United States suffer from diabetes or from pre- diabetes. Out of which approximately 30 million adults suffer from high blood sugar levels.

This new research was headed by Shaodong Guo. He is a Ph. D and an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition & Food Science. He carried out the study from the Texas A&M University, located at the College Station. The study has been published in the journal Diabetes. The journal is published by the American Diabetes Association.

Guo informed that it was found that premenopausal women have lower incidents of type 2 diabetes. Also, a strong link has been found between metabolic disorders and deficiency in estrogen levels. While the connections are quite evident, the scientists are still discovering how the links have been established. For this reason, the medics are warning people not to use excessive estrogen as the side effects could be adverse. Some negative effects of excess estrogen are blood clot, heart attack, breast cancer and strokes.

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