Redbox To Sell Off Its Video Games At Huge Discounts

After the news that it is getting away from the game rental business, Redbox has placed its whole stock of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch titles on sale. While supplies last, users can a lot of latest titles at a noteworthy discount. For example, Marvel’s Spider-Man (PlayStation 4 elite) is a just $10, while Hideo Kojima’s newest opus, Death Stranding, is for mere $25. You can view all the games that are on sale by heading to Redbox’s site.

If you are interested in selecting a game either as a last-minute gift or for yourself, you can add your zip code into the website of Redbox to view if it is accessible at kiosks in your region. Just remember, as media highlights, that every game arrives in one of red jewel cases by Redbox, rather than its original packaging. On the other hand, that is a small cost to pay to receive a new title such as Death Stranding for $25. Apart from that, you can easily and cheaply get a latest case online.

Redbox declared its plan to end renting games previously this month. The firm did not offer a reason for the alteration, but it is expectedly digital subscription platforms such as Xbox Game Pass that factored into the firm’s move. It is difficult to vie against platforms that provide more games than you can probably play to vie less as a dollar for each month.

On a related note, the lawsuit by Disney against Redbox ended earlier, and it is not good news for Redbox. The two firms have decided to negotiate that will have Redbox end the sale of codes for movie download from Disney disc bundles. Lawyers for Disney had alleged Redbox of breaking copyright by giving the codes independently from the discs that were considered as rental kiosks.

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