One More 5G Chip Declaration Made By Qualcomm

Reportedly, 2nd generation 5G cellular modem has been announced by Qualcomm, wireless tech giant, at the beginning this month which is also called as Snapdragon X55. This modem is an important advancement from the 1st generation modem of the company, also named as the Snapdragon X50. Application processors are used by majority of the smartphones which too have the main cellular baseband processors integrated inside, even though there is marketplace for stand-alone cellular modems. Smaller logic boards are allowed to made by that integration and power efficiency is also improved this is the reason why it is so popular.

Unnamed, new mobile applications were announced by Qualcomm on February 25, which will be having the modem Snapdragon built inside it. A lot has been invested by Qualcomm in building of its RF front end chips. These chips had been provided by 3rd parties in many flagship headsets through the 4G period. However, a lot of grip has been expanded by Qualcomm in the era of 5G with such chips. According to Steve Molenkamp, CEO of Qualcomm said that, our RF front end solutions are won by around all the devices associated to these 5G design and we also hope to create a powerful and meaningful impact to product line of our RF front end by these designs.

As 5G enabled applications processors of Qualcomm develop more predominant, the 5G RF front end solution sales of the firm should relish momentous development. If we look at the unit sales of the industry wide smartphones have been falling continuously, this contented growth is particularly significant for Qualcomm. Technology execution of Qualcomm nearby 5G looks very powerful. Core modem technology of the company appears best in class. So whether Qualcomm will be able to maintain the lead in future as well will only get proved with time.

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