No-Fly Zones Will Be Expanded In The Upcoming Months

Drones have always been a concern for the defense as there is a constant spying technique linked to the use of this technology for the former purpose. Currently, the sighting of the drones in certain inhibited areas by the drones has resulted in stringent norms being forced on the utilization of drones. A recent incident in the UK that is the sighting of the drones in the busiest travel hubs has made the UK defense and security officials increase the area of the restriction zones. The nation has decided on expanding the drone no-fly zones especially the airports.

The no-fly zones will be increasing from 1 Km to 5 Km radius within a few months. The security breaching and spying by the nearby nations or the enemies is a distressing factor in the nation. The sudden action was forced to be implemented after the spotting of a few drones around the Gatwick Airport which led to the shutdown of the entire flight operations for a few days that too during the peak holiday periods. The shutdown had a huge impact on more than 1000 flights and also 140,000 passengers. The security officials are still investigating the purpose of the perpetrators for such a step.

Earlier in January, there was an hour of the closure of the flight activity after the sighting of a drone at Heathrow. From this year, the airports have integrated the anti-drone systems in order to avoid such incidents from happening again. There is a new Drones Bill that is expected to be out in the coming months. This new bill will help the government to hand over more power to police to take the necessary steps for the drone issues that is investigate thoroughly the people suspected of performing such malicious task near the airports. Once the bill becomes a law, it will allow the police to use their power and access the data stored in the drones. The owners of the drones endangering flights will have to face 5 Years of imprisonment if caught.

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