“No Comments” On U18 Children Videos On YouTube

After a recent hype created over YouTube, the video-sharing giant has decided to discard the comment section in the videos which showcase children. The decision was taken by YouTube so that it can safeguard the interests of children and their families. The hype was created after pedophiles started to comment on videos which showcased children, due to this most of the reputed brands started to take their advertisements off from YouTube.

Initially, the incident took place in 2017 when the pedophiles had started to write derogatory words for children. When one of the concerning authority asked YouTube about the matter it said that the matter will be resolved as quickly as possible. Another such incident took place during the starting of the present month. Due to the event, giants like Hasbro, AT&T, and Nestle had removed their advertisements from YouTube.

To take measuring steps in this regard, YouTube told BBC that it is about to design an algorithm which will clearly detect videos which showcase children. YouTube’s spokesperson further said that only trusted bloggers and genuine users will be allowed to make comments on such videos. The video-sharing giant has further deleted the comment section of the channels which are showcasing derogatory comments for toddlers and teenagers.

While addressing through her Twitter account Susan Wojcicki said that it is very important for a responsible citizen to provide a safe environment to children. Contrary to the campaign lead by YouTube creators of the video, channels are showing their hate and concern for their own safeguard.

One YouTuber told the media that it is very unethical that YouTube is making channel creators to disable the comment section. The YouTube channel owner further said that comments are an integral part of the video’s publicity. Andy Burrows told the media that the step taken by YouTube was worth commending and it will help to protect young ones. Andy Burrows works for NSPCC, a child protection organization.

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