New WhatsApp Update Allows iPhone Users To Download Account Data

Facebook-controlled WhatsApp has launched a new function for iOS consumers. With the latest upgrade, iOS users for WhatsApp can now ask for a report for their account settings and information. The upgrade takes the app to 2.18.60 version and it is already obtainable on the App Store.

New WhatsApp Update Allows iPhone Users To Download Account Data

In case you need to get authorization of your report, you just have to go to the Settings menu of the app and then you can ask for a report on your account settings and information. Once you ask for a report, it will then be obtainable for you to download within 3 Days and will be accessible for a couple of weeks once it is given to you.

The well-liked instant messaging app has unveiled that the request will be disregarded if a user attempts to make any modifications to their account such as deleting their account on WhatsApp or modifying the phone number.

In addition to this, WhatsApp has also rolled out a new feature. According to the new feature, the app will now tell the users when it is not feasible to include a business to a group. This upgrade is obtainable on beta and on Android.

The previous week, WhatsApp launched some new enhancements and functions to WhatsApp group. In a certified blog, the firm claimed, “Groups have been a significant portion of the app’s experience, whether it is family members linking all over the world or childhood buddies remaining in touch. There are also users in groups coming together on WhatsApp such as students conducting study sessions, new parents looking for support, and even politicians arranging relief efforts after natural calamities. And now, we are sharing enhancements that we have carried out on groups.”

The well-liked instant messaging app has rolled out 5 new updates to WhatsApp groups that comprise admin controls, group description, participant search, group catch up, and admin permissions.

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