Musk Releases Image Of Hopper, SpaceX’s Starship

Space has become an important tool to popularize the concept of exploring the space. It is doing a great work in shipping supply items and astronauts to the International Space Station. The craft is also engaged in showcasing the historic images from space to people. Elon Musk, who is the CEO of the SpaceX published pictures and details of the Starship Hopper; this was a test rocket.

This spacecraft has been recently made. This will assist NASA in the Mars colonizing mission. Musk is extremely interested in the Mars mission along while the other astronomers suggest everyone to join this initiative. The aim is now to have a completely new frontier in space. Starship and its counterpart Super Heavy have been built to accomplish this mission; both are together called the Big Falcon Rocket, BFR. The most important factor associated with the success of these immensely large spacecrafts is availability of power. A standard lunar mission covers 384400 kilometers, which is almost 238855 miles. This mission will be almost 140 times longer than that.

For this reason, the amount of food, fuel, protecting objects from harmful rays, everything has to be in large amount. All these reasons make the tour to Mars so challenging. SpaceX is making the journey easy. It has introduced reusable rockets. Musk has also published the first images of Starship prototype. NASA is about to start testing the feasibility of the rocket by letting it take small hopped excursions. In these tests, the rockets will go off 5 kilometers above the earth and then comes back. The journey is termed as Vertical Takeoff & Landing (VTOL). The hopper comes with a stainless steel body, has 3 rear fins which work as legs for the spacecraft. It looks right like an image from the 1950s comic’s book.

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