Motorola Is Working On a Display Glass That Can Heal Itself

The smartphone industry is currently topping the charts in terms of supply and demand. People from all across the globe are purchasing the smartphones on a large scale. Thus, the smartphone manufacturers are not only developing new smartphones but also enhancing the technologies used in the device. Motorola has currently started working on a feature that may change the outlook towards the smartphones. This game changer feature will definitely help attract customers in purchasing the company’s products.


The company is working on a display glass that has the capability of healing itself. The material used for making the self-repairing display screen is a polymer material. This memory polymer material has the capability of regaining its original shape when broken or cracked but only in certain conditions. There is software built in the handset that will be programmed to identify the crack on the screen and initiate the further process of healing.

After recognizing the damage on the screen, the user will have to approve the process and immediately after that the heating up of the screen by a set of hardware starts owing to which the glass will permit the molecules to wiggle and restore the original shape. However, the complete healing of the glass is not possible but the slightest of the deformations can be reversed. The smartphone giant had earlier developed the ShatterShield display that was seen in the smartphones including Mot Z2 Force and Moto X Force, which were launched in the U.S. However, after the development of the self-repairing screen the ShatterShield display technology can be completely ditched by the company.

The Moto Z2 Force device was in the news for its Jelly Like scrolling effect on the screen that is now found in the OnePlus 5 smartphone as well. The Jelly Effect had issues following it the moment the Moto Z2 Force device was unboxed. The problem was basically seen while scrolling through the setting menu or the app drawer. After the rising concern regarding the Jelly Effect, the Moto Z2 has a new screen with an inverted orientated screen included from the bottom to top.

The smartphone companies are currently experimenting with the display screen so as to enhance the phone’s internals. Once Motorola commercializes its healing display screen, its smartphones are surely going to rain the global smartphone market. For now, let’s wait and see when and in which device does the company plan to launch its new technology with.

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