Lyft to tie up with Sutter Health to transport employees

Lyft which is a giant in the field of ride-hailing on Monday announced that it was going to team up with Sutter Health which is based in California. The major aim of this partnership is to help the employees of Sutter’s home health with transportation from and to the homes of the patients.

Sutter, with Lyft being a partner will be able to get itself rid of a few burdens of liability which are coming with letting the workers travel to and also from the case assignments in their own vehicles. Also, with the arranged travels, the employees can now be free from stress and the extra time which had been going into the finding of the home of their patient.

Sutter is currently serving over 3 million people in California’s northern part and is employing as many as 60,000 people. This health system manages to make more than 200,000 visits for home health in a year across over two dozen counties in California as it operates largely though the Sutter Care on the Home Service line.

The partnership between Lyft and Sutter had been in the works say leaders from both the sides. Both the organizations had also collaborated on their pilot project some years ago and this very collaboration made them to think of how the services of ride-hailing may benefit the system of health which makes many hundreds of visits in a year.

The workers of Sutter’s home health have often tended to the patients who need the wound care, nutritional support or physical therapy.

Lyft is controlling the employee transportation and that also implies that ther will be safer process of visits as per Sutter.

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