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Loneliness Survey Shows Major Population In The United States Is Lonely

Close to half of the population in the United States is lonely as per a survey which has been taken across the people in America. The survey had used the Loneliness Scale of UCLA for measuring the responses and there were 46% of the people who had said that they feel left out or alone at times or always.

There are a few more studies that also suggest the same and reveal that between 20 and 43 percent of the people in America feel that they are alone or isolated socially.

The people who are oldest are among the ones who are loneliest. The loneliness levels see an increase after one reaches the age of 75 as per a study which had been released on this Tuesday. A study that was released in the previous year had seen that there is a spike in the people who feel lonely when they reach their 80s. The spike had also been observed in the people who were in their 50s and also in those who had been in their 20s too.

 The study has revealed that health is another major factor in loneliness and the older people who have their health deteriorating become lonelier. There is a decline in their cognitive skills and a loss of senses which are health conditions that affect the ability of people to remain active socially and have interactions that are socially of good quality, as per the study.

Another major issue with loneliness is that it just doesn’t affect the mood of the person but also affects health mentally and also physically causing obesity, heart diseases, and blood pressure.