LG Unlocks Software Upgrade Center To Pace The Updates For Android

In spite of frequent commitments of modification by Google and its different hardware associates, spotty and slow launches are still the regulation instead of being the exemption when it comes to new editions of the Android OS. The latest plan by LG to change this situation is a new plant in South Korea at its R&D campus dubbed as the Software Upgrade Center.

LG Unlocks Software Upgrade Center To Pace The Updates For Android

This Software Upgrade Center, as per the company, is claimed to be dedicated to offering users all over the world with timelier and faster smartphone software and operating system updates. Its first job is to manage the launch of Android Oreo for the present G6 handset (the flagship smartphone of the firm). Its successor G7 is planned to be launched in May. This update later this month will start in Korea.

Mr. Jo Seong-jin, the CEO of LG Electronics, claimed to the media in an interview, “Consistent and stable upgrades will show to our users that LG handsets have reliable and long lifespan.” Beyond projects such as Project Treble, if LG can constantly provide its gadgets with faster support through more versions of the OS, that may assist lift its profile in comparison to the rivalry. But it has to supply the products first and expectantly before Android P comes out of the beta testing.

On the other hand, Apple might almost instantly invest in LG to source sufficient amount of OLED screens for its next models of iPhone. It has been found that the Cupertino-located tech behemoth is aiming to invest $2.70 Billion in the display subsidiary of LG, LG Display.

The payment for the screen panel is being claimed to be made beforehand. From 2019, Apple is anticipated to book 45,000 units of its next-gen OLED screens. The models of iPhone for this year are also said to have OLED screens, but those will be arriving from Samsung.

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