LG Joins Hand With Smart Oven Startup For Automatic Cooking

LG keeps adding features to its ovens making it smarter—not by creating its individual software, but by outsourcing the effort to small companies. The firm declared that its 2019 smart ovens will now distinguish pre-packaged meals from Tovala. Tovala is a smart oven firm situated out of Chicago. Users of LG’s smart ovens will be capable of scanning food via Tovala’s application, then have their oven move automatically via the right settings to heat them.

While various smart oven firms, such as Brava and June, have developed food recognition software into their machines, the Tovala group is the only one to have rolled out a companion meal shipment offering. The team makes meals each week, packages after cooking them, and then ships them to users. It is a big job that has clearly caught attention of LG, which indicates Tovala will no longer be restricted to selling its food only to Tovala oven users.

On a related note, LG earlier claimed that it has signed a deal with Robotis (the service robot developer) to join forces in designing self-driving modules for mobile robots. Below the deal, Robotis and LG Electronics will each aim on designing hardware and software of mobile robots integrated with intelligent navigation techs.

The tech behemoth of South Korea purchased a 10.12% share in December 2017 in Robotis. Founded in 1999, Robotis offers actuators for robots all over the world, the media claimed this week.

The latest deal comes in line with latest efforts by LG Electronics to extend its robot business as a fresh development engine. LG Electronics claimed that the firm aims to extend the portfolio of robot goods in close collaboration with Robotis. Hitherto, LG Electronics has rolled out 8 robot devices below the CLOi brand. These robots perform different tasks comprising cleaning, guiding, and even mowing the lawn.

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