Lenovo APAC president refers India as a dynamic gaming market

Lenovo, the Chinese technology giant, has claimed that India is a “dynamic” market since a large population has extremely high-end needs for gaming items.

“The population of India is so huge that you do not require many individuals to get into gaming to turn out to be a large market. That is why we also choose India as a targeted market when it comes of gaming. There is a large population that is actually into gaming,” Senior Vice President and President Asia Pacific at Lenovo Group, Ken Wong, claimed to the media during IFA 2017 in an interview.

That is why there was a new roll out of the gaming PC of Legion brand in India, he claimed. “We are getting extremely good response on Legion. And I sturdily think that this market will carry on to develop in India,” Wong further added. The devoted gaming PCs Legion Y720 and Y520 were rolled out in May in India this year. The new gaming headsets of the company, AR (augmented reality) powered “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges” and VR (virtual/mixed reality) creator “Lenovo Explorer,” pulled in a number of gaming fans, particularly Star Wars enthusiasts to the Lenovo booth at the biggest user electronics and goods show of the Europe—IFA 2017.

Even as these latest gaming tools will not be obtainable in India, Wong views it is as an extremely lively market. “When we speak of the market, India is an extremely lively market. We view extreme and very high-end needs. There are also various main stream needs, for example, gaming on the handset,” Wong claimed. Briefing on gaming goods, Wong claimed that a lot of stuffs are taking place in the east area of the Asia Pacific and officials are also backing this due to income potential.

“I do a lot of communication with various cities, governments, regions, and countries. A common thing that is emerging out is that governments are in fact putting a lot of efforts in backing up the gaming sector. I live in Hong Kong and was born there, the government is adding a lot into the sector gaming. Singapore is carrying out the same since it is taking place everywhere and I believe India is also of the same type,” he further added to the media. Wong claimed that the reason is not associated to gaming as such but it is regarding the finances about the sector.

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