Jean-Louis Girodolle to take over as New CEO of Lazard in France

Mr. Girodolle has been the managing director of Lazard from 2007. Now, he is appointed as leader, after Mattheiu Pigasse stepped down from heading the management company.

As a close associate of Mr. Matthieu Pigasse, it was naturally expected that Girodolle would be named the next head. Charles-Henri Filippi will be the co-chair along with Francois Kayat of investment banking.

Pigasse has played a large role in Paris banking and has been serving clients with unfaltering leadership. The role of Girodolle is huge and he will be expected to promote Lazard in M&A deals in both France and abroad and take up the role played by Pigasse in the most efficient manner.

Lazard says that Girodolle has been looking after the investment banking French unit for a long period and will continue to run the global sovereign-debt restructure unit too, just as Pigasse had been doing,  for Ecuador, Argentina, Iraq, Greece, and Cyprus.

Lazard’s Financial Advisory CEO Peter R. Orszag says that the future of Lazard in France and oversees looks bright. “With the new leadership under Jean-Louis, we will continue to render our strong services to our clients”, he says.

Pigasse is also the co-owner of Le Monde, the French daily newspaper. He has stated that he is stepping down and will be focussing on a new venture project. His client book included large French companies like L’Oreal, Danone, Sanofi, and Carrefour.

Before joining Lazard, Girodolle had been at the ministry of finance in France. He was an experienced hand at advising French companies and international corporate on various financial transactions and on M&A.

Ken Jacobs, the CEO, and chairman of Lazard says that Girodolle is one of the best bankers of the firm. Jacobs has appreciated Girodolle for his special prowess in heading the firm in various complex and important transactions in France and internationally too.

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