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India Surpasses China and Becomes Largest Motorcycle Building Nation

When we think about the biggest bike producers, we may consider Harley-Davidson or Honda. But looking through the global point of view, these two are only a meager amount contrasted with two wheeler product in different parts around of the globe. New Atlas reports states that the new biggest bike manufacturing nation on the planet isn’t the U.S., Japan, or even China, but the surprising source is India. As indicated by New Atlas, around 500,000 cruisers are sold in America every year. While India sold 17.59 million bikes in the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Obviously, the Indian market is totally dissimilar than America’s. Most of the Indian market two wheelers have small engines, majorly below 125 CC in terms of displacement. Among all the top most mainstream bikes in India, just a motorcycle maker has a motor bigger than that is the Royal Enfield 350 Classic.

In spite of the fact that Royal Enfield was initially the name of the rifle that Britain used to keep the peace in their previous settlement, India has since recovered the name as its own, and it has turned into a gigantic automaker. Over the whole present year, Royal Enfield has managed to sell 700,000 bikes in India single-handedly. This equals to the overall sale of BMW, KTM, Ducati, Triumph, and Harley-Davidson in combined.

Royal Enfield is the biggest Indian motorcycle manufacturer, yet positively it isn’t the alone automaker in the market. Other players such as TVS, Bajaj, and Mahindra didn’t just build their own prosperous empire but also expanded their networks with European motorcycle manufacturers to boost the production rate and boost the market growth. KTM’s association with Bajaj is the thing that empowered it to outperform BMW and end up clearly as Europe’s biggest motorcycle maker. In an inquisitive spot of destiny, Mahindra has acquired the rights and trademarks of the remarkable British motorcycle maker, BSA.

One noteworthy purpose behind India’s prosperity with two-wheelers is people’s state of mind toward them. In America, bikes are seen more than the toys, not as regular transportation. But in the case of India, it is totally reverse. A small engines motorcycle is the only main transportation many individuals have. Similar was the case in China, which was the former largest motorcycle maker, however, the Chinese government has prohibited bikes from some city areas and gave incentives to people for utilizing electric bikes rather, leading their domestic motorcycle market to crash down.