“Happy Space Suits” Developed To Control The Depression Of Astronauts

A new adaptation of the spacesuit is been developed by the scientists going to space. The team has dubbed the spacesuit as the “Happy Suit,” the goal of which is to offer mental wellness to working space of astronauts. The majority of times, it has been discovered that the astronauts on board ISS (International Space Station) go through mental distress on account of the distinctive set of dangers and challenges they confront while accomplishing their work. Thus, a team of students and scientists at the Florida Polytechnic University are attempting to fabricate a spacesuit that will keep the astronauts content and their mind calm while they do their job in space.

The technique that the team is at present operational upon is known as Smart Sensory Skin. This technology would be integrated into the next series of space clothing and spacesuits in an effort to improve psychological well-being and boost efficiency and comfort of the astronauts. Wireless sensors will be used by the Smart Sensory Skin to keep a track of an astronaut’s surroundings. It will sense an array of physical deficits experienced by them and consequently, it will alter the temperature, light color, levels of oxygen, and light levels to make the environment of the astronaut more pleasant and soothing. The Smart Sensory Skin will offer the best mental and physical environment to astronauts to assist them to do their job in a stress-free manner.

Electrical Engineering Professor at Florida Polytechnic, Arman Sargolzaei, said, “It is essential for astronauts during assignments to be mentally healthy and at present, there is no real-time, active solution to assist them when they experience anxiousness or are stressed. He further mentioned that the newest Smart Sensory Skin technology would offer instant relief to the state of mind of an astronaut.

As per Sargolzaei, the astronauts’ well-being can be negatively influenced by several factors such as insufficient exercise, extreme contact with light, tension from the consequences of low-gravity, lack of sleep, and generally the fright of making errors in a high-pressure setting where a small mistake can be hazardous. So, making this happy suit will do marvels for the astronauts as it will regulate automatically the environment of the astronomer as per the level of stress. When the technology gets developed completely, it will allow the physicians on the Earth to keep an eye on the pulse, blood pressure, and other bodily functions of the astronauts functioning in space.

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