Google To End URL Shortener In Errand Of Dynamic Links

Back in 2009, “,” a URL shortener, was divulged by Google; however, it has now declared that it will begin shutting the facility down in the following month and an entire termination by 2019. Nevertheless, the prevailing links will carry on functioning. The URL shortener was rolled out for the Toolbar and FeedBurner of Google, but neither of those subsists at present. Now, Google desires the developers and users to shift to Firebase Dynamic Links with the most recent declaration destined to “refocus” the attempts of the company.

Google To End URL Shortener In Errand Of Dynamic Links

Michael Hermanto, Firebase’s Software Engineer, in a blog post, stated, “Several well-known URL shortening services have surfaced and the manners individuals discover material on the Internet have also altered intensely, from principally desktop web pages to mobile devices, applications, home assistants, and much more.”

For users seeking to produce new short links, the search giant has suggested the Firebase Dynamic Links or other well-known services such as and as a substitute. Fundamentally, FDLs are smart URLs that allow the developers to convey potential and existing users to any site within an Android, web app, or iOS.

In the meantime, this year, from April 13, new and unidentified users won’t be capable of accessing the console to produce short links. However, the prevailing users who have signed in with their Google accounts will have admission to all features such as management, analytics, and creation until March 30, 2019, subsequent to which the console will be dropped.

Google mentioned that “all links will carry on to redirect to the proposed endpoint” even subsequent to the closure, whereas the users will be also capable of exporting link details from the console. Moreover, the developer projects that have not opened URL Shortener APIs priory will not be capable to produce short links with the facility from May 30, 2018.

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