Google Pay Receive Boarding Passes, Facility To Transfer Funds To Contacts

Google is clearing out its Google Pay mobile payments application soon. Google Pay (that was previously Android Pay that was previously Google Wallet) is receiving wrap into one application, and it is receiving support for a boarding pass.

Google Pay Receive Boarding Passes, Facility To Transfer Funds To Contacts

Primarily, one will finally be capable of paying for items with NFC and transfer funds to contacts via a single application. For a while now, mobile payments solutions of Google have strangely been ripped across 2 applications. With the recent marking, there was a “Google Pay Send” application for peer-to-peer money transfers and a second “Google Pay” application for NFC payments.

With the latest upgrade, Google states one will now be capable of sending and requesting funds straight from the core Google Pay application, and one will even be capable of splitting the bill from a latest NFC purchase. This is restricted to the US for now.

The other update arriving to Google Pay is the introduction of boarding pass support that has been Apple Wallet’s feature for a long time. At Google I/O 2018, Google declared boarding pass support and it has been for a few months in public testing, but it seems now to be entering broader accessibility.

The blog post of Google states one will be capable of saving passes from Southwest and Ticketmaster with “more places shortly, including Singapore Airlines, Vueling, and Eventbrite.” For the time being, that seems to be the complete list. Typically, these features are being “launched” slowly from Google HQ, which implies they may take a week or 2 to get to all.

On the other hand, a while back, Google Pay has been made accessible in Germany with backing from 4 local banks: Comdirect, Commerzbank, N26, and Wirecard. Now, one should be capable of adding all MasterCard and majority of Visa cards. Soon, 2 more banks (Revolut and LBBW) will be supported.

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