Google Launches The Gmail Go App For Android Go Phones

Gmail Go app has been declared by Google Android Go devices. Similar to Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Maps Go, Files Go, the Gmail application will also be lighter and quicker and developed for devices with low-end specifications. Android Go of Google will be getting the most recent Android Oreo OS to devices with basic specifications such as RAM of 512 MB or 1 GB, lower-end processors, and less storage space.

Google Launches The Gmail Go App For Android Go Phones

Earlier, Micromax has declared partnership to get Android Go ready smartphones to the country within the Bharat series. Also, the Bharat Go smartphone was thought to be released toward the January 2018 end. The handset is considered to have a price tag of below Rs 2000 when it rolls out.

As per the depiction for the Gmail Go application, this will have the majority of the traits from the original application. Notifications are backed and the users will be capable of reading and responding to emails in offline as well as online mode. The search giant will also provide the smarter Gmail Inbox on the app’s Go version where imperative messages from family and friends will surface primarily, whereas promotional and social emails will be bunched together discretely.

Also, Gmail Go will have with free storage of 15 GB for the users. The application will back numerous accounts, comprising the capability to set up non-Gmail and Gmail addresses. Further, other email addresses backed include Yahoo Mail,, or other POP/IMAP email. Recently, Google rolled out the Assistant Go application as well that is intended for Android Go phones. And the Assistant application also provides similar features similar to the regular version of the application.

Android Go of Google was declared at the annual developer conference of the company in May 2017. The Android Go smartphones are anticipated to be distributed in 2018 and are aimed at the Indian market.

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