Google India Partners Pluralsight, Udacity to Announce New Scholarship Program

Realizing the need of the hour to skill the workforce of India for budding technologies, Google in collaboration with Udacity, an educational institution, and Pluralsight, technology learning platform, declared a new scholarship program that will assist is coaching 1.3 Lakh students and developers across the nation.

Google India Partners Pluralsight, Udacity to Announce New Scholarship Program

Google, as part of the program, will sponsor scholarships to around 30,000 on Udacity platform and 100,000 on the Pluralsight technology learning platform. The scholarship would make possible for the students get access to higher learning course and promote their employability in web and mobile development, virtual & augmented reality, machine learning, cloud, and artificial intelligence platforms.

Google’s Developer Products Group and Skilling Lead for India, William Florance, said, “The new scholarship program is in tandem with the goal of Google to train 2 Million developers in the country. India is the 2nd biggest developer network in the world and is certain to surpass the United States by 2021.”

In 2015, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, had mentioned that the worldwide Internet search engine giant will coach 2 Million naïve android developers in the subsequent 3 Years in the country. Florance informed, “In the past 1 Year, we’ve affianced over half a million developers and students across India with the help of a range of initiatives and programs. As we declared our skilling program in India, around 210,000 students have accomplished the Google-developed curriculums on Udacity, and 117,000 students accomplishing the prospectus this year.”

With Udacity, around 1,000 developers will be chosen to get complete Nanodegree scholarships. Florance said, “India, unlike China, is lagging in novelty but is taking up technologies quicker. There is a pressing requirement to up-skill and re-skill the technology workforce of India.” As said by the Pluralsight’s Country Head and General Manager, Arun Rajamani, the tech workforce of India is going through a stage of changeover.

Rajamani said, “We are delighted to associate with Google to assist Indian developers to acknowledge their skill level with the use of Pluralsight IQ and press on their skill sets in 4 major roles: Mobile Web Specialist, Android Developer, Data Engineer, and Cloud Architect.”

Managing Director of Udacity India, Ishan Gupta, said, “With this scholarship program, it is possible to master the mobile and web development skills by the students with the experts from Google and Udacity.”

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