Google Helps To Connect With People And Things You Love, Says Pichai

Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google wrote the Founders’ Letter for Alphabet the parent company of Google. Google wants to help you, is the central theme of Google he says.

This is the second time that Pichai had written the note. Earlier in 2015, he had written one. It is almost like an explanation on various issues raised by regulators and others who have questioned Google’s intent. The actual co-founders of Google’s parent company Alphabet are Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Sundar Pichai has now become the public face of the company as he answers questions from shareholders. Earlier, he had to face Congress over the issue on privacy and political bias.

Though pressure increases on Google, the CEO is able to handle all types of pressure with great calm and grace. However, Page and Brin, the actual co-founders remain out of the public eye.

There has been growing scrutiny on Google from the regulators, by employees, and by the press.

Employees have questioned the CEO about the big payments made to executives with sexual misconduct records. Sexual harassment faced in the workplace was a protest raised by community activists and workers at Google.

Google was blamed for providing the U.S. military with artificial intelligence technology. Further, Pichai had to face criticism over allegations that Google was using a censored search engine to re-enter China.

The letter written by Pichai has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday.

In his letter, Pichai mentions that the original goal of the company was towards organizing information relating to the world. However, now its focus is on making Google helpful for everyone. This is done by providing tools to help people grow in knowledge, happiness, success, and health.

Google Translate helps in making emails faster. YouTube is most useful for education. Google helps people to connect with others and with things they love.

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