Google Assistant Employs Duplex On The Web To Purchase Film Tickets

Since 2018, you have been capable of purchasing movie tickets with the help of your voice using Fandango and Google Assistant. And this week, Google is improving that ability to make it more versatile.

If you have an Android handset, just tell the digital assistant that you need seats to a particular film or look for showtimes with the help of the Google app. The helper will then make sure of working via any website, which makes it easy for ones that are not optimized for mobile. It is also capable of automatically inputting any data you might require to complete a buyout. That comprises any payment info, as long as they are stored in Chrome.

As cited above, the helper has been capable of purchasing film tickets since last year on your behalf. What is new is that Assistant now employs Google’s AI reservation feature, Duplex, to make pieces fall into places. With the help of a tech dubbed as Duplex on the Web, the helper can navigate sites on its own. This efficiently lets you to buy film tickets from almost any platform that provides them. As per Google, the new Duplex function operates with over 70 movie and cinemas ticketing platforms all over the UK and US. Earlier, Assistant only operated with Fandango.

Permitting you to purchase film tickets is just one of the scenarios Google pictures for the tech. Similar to how it touted earlier this year at its I/O developer conference, you will also be capable of using Duplex to book cars and many more things. The launch of this function is presently restricted to the UK and US.

On a related note, from last week, users can ask Google Assistant to “read out the news to me” and it will make a tailored playlist of audio news articles.

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