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Google announces USB-C enabled new Titan Security Key.

There has been an announcement by Google about an updated Titan security key which features a connector of USB-C. This dongle is an option which is more secure for the users who need reassurances more than the two factor authentication which is the traditional way. This also is a more secure option for those who have upgraded their devices to the recent USB connector type. This new key is coming from Yubico and is going to be available for purchasing from Google directly.

Most of the people have a lot of extremely sensitive information which is stored online. This includes the medical records, financial documents, messaging records and more. Beyond this, a few professionals might need to enhance the security for the protection of online accounts as well as documents of their clients and this is where the physical security keys happen to come in.

When there is enabling of the two-factor authentication the users either receive a code through a text message which they must enter alongside the password of the account or they must verify the login by using an app of authenticator stored on the phone. The security keys are more secure alternatives to the methods of prevention of someone from the accessing of the accounts unless they are in the possession of the physical dongle.

On Monday, in an announcement, Google has revealed that it is going to release an updated titan security key with the USB-C cable in the Google store beginning tomorrow. The dongle is going to be available to the consumers in United States which give them an option for their devices of USB-C.

The new security key is going to be compatible with the Android devices along with the Chrome OS, Mac and Windows.