Flipkart Shows Complete Support To Google On The Launch Of Google Home

Over a year after its introduction in the U.S., this week Google conveyed to India its Google Home. The smart devices, which are vying with the Amazon Echo collection in India, are obtainable here in 2 versions, Google Home Mini and Google Home. Both the devices offer you authorization to the Google services and Google Assistant via voice instructions. Apart from chief Google services, the Google Home devices also support a lot of 3rd-party services comprising Netflix, and music services such as Saavn and Gaana. Apart from entertainment, Flipkart (which is the private online retail associate for Google Home) is positive about it boosting the acceptance of home automation goods.

Flipkart Shows Complete Support To Google On The Launch Of Google Home

“Google Home is a huge roll out to fundamentally blow up usage and penetration of home computerization in India,” claimed Adarsh K Menon, VP at Flipkart and Head of Electronics and Private Labels, to the media in an interview during the launch event of Google Home in New Delhi. “Users need their lives to be basic. In place of employing 5–10 gadgets to run their lives, users have returned with the requirement that needs one sole device to carry out all of the essential activities.”

“Google Home is that incorporated gadget,” he claimed to the media. He further stated, “On behalf of the home automation sector, we are majorly beginning off right now. It is originally quite small, and how the segment will scale up is mainly dependent on how we work with brands and partners such as Google.”

On a similar note, the battle between the tech giants in the voice controlled devices seems to increase. Globally, the Amazon Echo line up seems to lead the race overtaking Google Home and Apple HomePod. Apple prominently suffered a huge loss in the U.S. due to Amazon Echo, as per media reports.

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