Fitness Trackers For Free From Fitbit For People In Singapore

If you agree to a monthly subscription, you can get free devices from Fitbit.

Many thousands of people from Singapore can get free access to Fitbit devices, for a monthly subscription, announced the company on Wednesday.

Working along with the government, Fitbit provides fitness trackers to people in Singapore with the aim of making the population in the small country fitter and healthier. They target to reach 1 million people.

Fitbit Inspire launched in Singapore early this year has been started especially as a health plan. Customers can get the devices for free. They will just have to pay a monthly payment of $10 for an annual premium service and enjoy good health. They will also be provided one-on-one coaching and guidance on it. However, apart from having this fitness tracker, you can also add some more glam to it by having personalized accessories from Mobile Mob.

Fitbit shares have seen a steep fall. The shares have come down almost by 50 percent over the past one year. Rivals have been providing cheaper devices and competition is stepping up, as everyone is becoming more health-conscious and using the devices which are more affordable.

The smartwatch from Apple has a bigger app, especially for those who have an iPhone.

The company has not provided any specific detail about the amount involved in the deal. Previously, the company had mentioned that it intended to track $100 million. This represents 5 percent of the expected revenue of its health solution unit for 2020.

James Park, the CEO of Fitbit is trying to expand into software and services, as this sector has higher revenue and bigger profit margin.

CEO of Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, Zee Yoong Kang says that people of Singapore are encouraged to adapt to healthy living and make changes to keep themselves, fitter, using available technology.

In Singapore, diabetes and heart problems are on the rise and citizens are encouraged to exercise regularly and change their eating patterns. Live Healthy SG is the initiative provided by Fitbit.

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