Filmmaker Mode, a step towards better movie display on Televisions

In this year, the filmmakers of Hollywood have been making a headway in the presently going crusade against the gimmicky technology in television like the motion smoothing. A lot of the major makers of Television such as Vizio, LG and Panasonic have made an announcement at the CES 2020 that a few of their models of 2020 will be supporting the feature known as filmmaker mode which is going to disable the post-processing of the video so that they present the TV shows and movies in the way they had been intended for being shown.

Director Christopher Nolan has said that it is a mode where it can be ensured that the initial intent of filmmakers including the technical aspects of a film and the way they finish the film and trim color get to the way they are intending for it to.

This mode has come from a collaboration that has been between the companies of TV studios, movie and consumer electronics in addition to the Hollywood creatives. UHD alliance is a consortium between the films and technology sets the standards for the certifications for the 4K video content unveiling this mode in the month of August with the commitments from a few manufacturers of Television. UHD here is Ultra High Definition which in common terms is called 4K.  2020 is going to be the first year where the displays are going to be released in the market for the built-in support for this feature.

In the briefing, the alliance had announced that it has made commitments with Philips and Samsung among others for inclusion of this mode in their new products in this year.

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