Facebook Will Begin Notifying Consumers Caught Up In Data Scandal By Cambridge Analytica

The 87 Million consumers impacted by the data breach, which comprises over 70 Million consumers in the U.S. and more than a million users in the U.K., will witness a comprehensive message on their News Feed.

Facebook Will Begin Notifying Consumers Caught Up In Data Scandal By Cambridge Analytica

The text will read, as per a tweet from the Dave Lee of BBC: “We comprehend the significance of guarding your information. We have prohibited the site ‘This Is Your Digital Life’, which one of your companions utilized Facebook to sign into. We did this on the grounds that the site may have missed some of your Facebook data by imparting it to an organization called Cambridge Analytica. You can learn more about what occurred and how you can expel different applications and site anytime if you no longer need them to approach your Facebook data.”

Apart from this, all 2.2 Billion Facebook consumers will get a message named “Protecting Your Information” with a link to look at what applications they employ and what data they have shared with those applications. Consumers will be offered the choice to close down these applications or fully turn off authorization to 3rd-party apps.

Separately, the local media reports that, weeks post removing Cambridge Analytica, the social media giant has shut down AggregateIQ (the Canadian data firm) following reports of the involvement of the company in a worldwide argument over mistreatment of private social media data for political causes.

In a statement offered to the local media, a spokesperson of Facebook claims that the firm has been taken down from the portal owing to the of latest reports that AggregateIQ might be linked with SCL and as a result might have inappropriately got user data of Facebook.

“Our interior review carries on, and we will lend a helping hand completely with any examinations by regulatory authorities,” claimed Facebook to the media.

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